Zeekron Investment review: Scam or Legit? How To Earn More Money

Last updated on Oct 9, 2020

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Earn 40% of investment money in just 30 days by investing at least ₦10,000. You can also be a promoter and earn upto ₦50,000 monthly.

What is zeekron all about? How does it work?

Zeekron is an online platform or market place, where users can buy and sell foreign currencies, (example: US dollar, Pound, Euro and more). They have been in existence in various countries since the past several years. They only came to Nigeria recently.

Just the way your local market in your area links a tomato seller with a tomato buyer, Zeekron Nigeria Limited, currency links people who want to buy,sell or exchange currencies together. across Nigeria

They deal mainly on foreign exchanges, forex trades and more.

Zeekron investment review

Is Zeekron a scam?

Based on several researches I have made on Zeekron investment platform

It is definitely not a scam. it is real.
It’s Nigerian branch was created on the 2nd of February 2020.

In our Zeekron investment review, we found out that Zeekron is a legal Company In Nigeria. It is registered under a company called apex Webb International,which is registered
under (CAC) corporate affairs

Is zeekron legit?

Yes. 100% Real/ Legit

I, personally have made more than 200k from this platform in a couple of months, I withdrew them and I currently have about 22k in my account.

Zeekron investment platform review earnings

You can check the link above for more about why it is legit.

How To Make Money on Zeekron

There are two ways by which you can earn money on Zeekron

Grab a cold drink, relax and stretch out your legs, because today I’ll be breaking down the two ways in which you can make money on Zeekron in this Zeekron investment review.

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  • 1. By being an investor
  • 2. By being a promoter (joining promotion team)

Have you gotten the cold drink?
Okay let’s proceed

I’ll start by explaining the first way. . .

  • 1. By being an investor

Now, apart from this foreign exchange service, zeekron is an investment platform.

It is an investment platform that acts just like the local Nigerian banks you know, where you deposit money in a fixed deposit account and receive a percentage interest after a certain period of time.

But here’s the thing, when you save your money in these local Nigerian banks, they use your money for various investments and end up paying you an interest rate of about 3% per month.

Have you ever wondered how banks are able to pay up all their staff in all those branches across the country?

Some banks do pay lower than that 3%, while a few other banks will not even give you any interest, instead of giving you interest on your money, they deduct money from your bank account due to fees like Stamp charges, ATM charges and more.

Sometimes the little ₦1,000 you deposited in your account becomes ₦996.74 for no reason, which makes you unable to withdraw.

Well, Zeekron investment platform is here to put an end to this.

When you deposit your money into zeekron investment platform, instead of getting unnecessary deductions and excessive bank charges, you get a mind-blowing interest of 40%. after just 30 days

For instance, If you deposit ₦10,000, you will be given extra 40% interest after 30 days, which means you will withdraw ₦14,000 after 30days.

This is how to make money on Zeekron as an investor.

NOTE: The minimum money you can deposit as an investor is ₦10,000

Why waste your time investing on local banks that just keep your money stagnant?.

why wait so long before your naira lands.

  • 1. By being a promoter

Who is a Zeekron promoter?

A Zeekron promoter is a person who is paid to advertise Zeekron’s services on Facebook. Most companies pay “mark zukerberg” to advertise their brand on Facebook and Instagram,

For instance, To gain high traffic or followers on Instagram,you need to pay lots of money.

Instead, Zeekron pays it’s promoters to advertise for them.

To join a promotion team and become a promotor, you need only three things:

  1. Bank account and email address
  2. an active Facebook account with at least 300 friends
  3. a one-time registration fee of ₦2,000(two thousand naira) only

How do you earn as a promoter ?

–As a promoter, there are three possible ways you can earn:

  • 1. By posting adverts on Facebook

You will given articles to post on your Facebook timeline daily. These articles can be in form of flyers ,videos or image (similar to those on nairaland.com)

Note that posting an article with image will make you earn ₦250 while posting an article with video make you earn ₦500.

You will be given one to three adverts to post daily.

One good thing is that you have the choice to choice which format you want to advertise.

Zeekron investment platform review advertisement Facebook

Imagine making a sum of ₦750 daily for 30 days , Do the maths, that’s about ₦22,000 every month.

  • 2. By referring promoter

As a promoter, whenever an aspiring promoter registers using your referral link, you earn 50% of his registration fee!
This means you will earn ₦1,000 because the registration fee is ₦2,000.
Note that referral is not compulsory.

  • 3. By referring an investor

As a promoter, whenever someone uses your referral link to register as an investor, you earn 10% of the investor’s investment.

(Hope I am not confusing you?)

okay, imagine I am a promoter. I shared a Zeekron advert on my Facebook timeline.
(NOTE that you referral link will be automatically included in the article you advertise on Facebook).

Now, If Daniel sees that post I shared on Facebook and decides to invest in Zeekron using that same link, I will get 10% of Daniel’s registration fee.

This means that ,if Daniel invests ₦
100,000 ,I will automatically earn N10,000.

Nice, right?

Before proceeding, join our Zeekron WhatsApp group chatcontact the group admin @+2347063177239 to get connected to referrals and make more money FREE OF CHARGE. Don’t miss this opportunity

To join Zeekron today and be a promoter,
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How can I register to be a promoter?

With the benefits I’ve given you in this Zeekron investment review, the next step is to register as a promoter.

How do you register?

You need a registration fee of ₦2,000 and a Facebook account with at least 300 friends.
You also need an email to verify your account.

After having these requirements,

Sign up as a promoter

Zeekron investment platform review sign up page

—fill up your details and click the sign up button

— After registration, a verification message will be sent to your email address, click it to verify your account

–when your payment has been verified,your account will be activated that same day, and then you can start to advertise and earn.

Zeekron login

if you already have an account, clock “already a member link inside the above link”. If not, follow the above procedure to Sign up.

How does zeekron platform make their money?

Please, whenever you see any platform that tells you to invest ₦100,000 and get ₦200,000 in one hour, run away.


Don’t join all these scam investment platforms that promises you offers that are too good to be true.

On the contrary, Zeekron investment platform deals with foreign exchange trade, including forex trade. They have a group of forex trade experts who will invest with your money and then give you a part of the profit they make. This is how they make their money.

Now, that great!

Secondly, instead of using Facebook,Instagram and other social media or blog to advertise their service like other business companies do, Zeekron choose to pay Nigerian for advertising their service on social media.

Now ,that’s wise.

Why is Zeekron more preferable than local Nigerian banks / platforms?

In this Zeekron investment review, here are benefits of choosing Zeekron.
–1. They charge you only 0.01% as transaction fee, unlike other banks that charge a lot.

–2. They give you an interest of 40% after 30 days

–3. They help users exchange foreign currency at a cheaper rate

–4. They are reliable and trusted worldwide.

–5.Unlike local banks, They do not debit from your account.

–6. The registration fee used to be#5,000 but there is a discount now ,so it’s only #2,000 one-time payment.


Before I go into any investment business, I make proper research to ascertain whether it is scam or legit, after thorough research,I’ve gotten my final say.

Zeekron is not a peer-2-peer donation platform like MMM where a member gets paid from another members fund.

Zeekron has a clear source of revenue generation, which is the foreign exchange and forex trade.

Before proceeding, join our Zeekron WhatsApp group chatcontact the group admin @+2347063177239 to get connected to referrals and make more money FREE OF CHARGE. Don’t miss this opportunity.

To join Zeekron today and be a promoter,
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I was not paid by any third party to write this Zeekron investment review. This is based in my personal experience. I have earned alot from zeekron investment platform and I decided to share this.

But Please note that I might get a commission if you use my link to register, so please do.

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