Vrend Investment review: Is It Scam or Legit? (Earn BTC without referral)

Are you tired of being scammed by all those fake Bitcoin mining websites that promise you high ROI, but in the end, fail to fulfill promises?

Do you want a financial platform where you do not need to worry about referrals?

A platform whose main priority is to help it’s members grow their businesses.

Vrend.ng is that platform!

Is Vrend Scam?

Vrend.ng is NOT a SCam. It’s mode of operation is stated in their website. They pay you with the revenue you generate from them through traffic.

Well, if you still doubt, grab a sit and read this article till the end, then you can decide for yourself.

Is Vrend legit?

Vrend is not a scam, there Vrend is legit.

What is Vrend investment platform?

Vrend.ng is a legit online marketing / investment platform that pays it’s members from the funds gotten by the traffic they generate.

Generally, those behind the platform get revenues which increase as the traffic into the platform increases.

Now, here’s the thing, the owners don’t just take the whole income they gain, they give some portion to their members.

So that’s Wonderful, right?

These portion of revenue given to members is called Spill-over bonus

However, Note that there are different ways by which you can earn from this platform, apart from this Spill-over bonuses.

You can earn through referrals but it is Not compulsory

If you refer someone to join this platform, you will earn a whopping sum of 50% of their registration fee.

Okay, let me go fully into how you can earn cash on vrend in this Vrend review. . . .

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How To Make Money on Vrend / How much can I earn?

Generally, there are three ways you can earn fund from your vrend account, but there are two main ways to make money on vrend. The third method is rare.

  • 1. By spillover bonuses

So, As I explained earlier, part of the revenues earned by vrend platform will be given to it’s members, this is called spillover bonus.

This Spill-over bonus is usually about 0.000023 BTC for each Spill-over.

You can get up to five or more Spill-over bonuses in a day.

Though, It is usually paid every 48 hours.

  • 2. By referral

while referring people is optional, You earn 0.0002359 BTC (bitcoins) for each person that registers using your referral link. That’s about N1,200 Nigerian Naira as at date of writing this post.

This is about 50% of their registration fee (N2,500).

Thirdly, the third method of Earning which I said is rare,

You can earn from Spill-over donations.

What is spill over donation?

When you register under a team of wealth and prominent members of the platform, you will be given Spill-over bonuses,

This time,these spillover bonuses are not from the company but from the members in your uplines(the members you registered under).

Great right?

You might want to join this team.
If you’re interested, chat or hit me up @07063177239

Let’s proceed.

All about Vrend / Things you need to know

Before placing your money into any investment, there are certain things you need to know, to avoid joining a scam platform.

In addition, Below are some facts about Vrend.ng

–1. Referral is not compulsory, therefore You do not need to refer anybody before you can earn.

–2. You can earn by referral, by daily spillover bonuses, or by donation from your uplines. This means that you can earn both from your uplines and your downlines.

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–3. There is no withdrawal limit or withdrawal period. This means that, as a member of vrend, you can withdraw any amount and get approved any time, any day!

–4. You earn even when you sleep, you do not need to complete any survey questions or read any news or advertise any link.

–5 There is a live chat on their website, which means you can contact the admin for enquires. Their customer care service is very responsive.

–6most importantly, You get paid within 24 hours of Withdrawal. Yes. That quick.

–7 You can register by buying coupon code through your Bitcoin wallet or through bank transfer

–8 Funds can be withdrawn either into your Bitcoin wallet or directly into your bank account.

–9 Spill overs are given every 48hours. You can get upto five or ten Spill-over.

–10It started in 2020. and it is not a smart contract.

How To Register / sign up on Vrend

I’ve taken my time to explain how vrend works. Now I’ll tell you how to open an account and start earning.

  • Step 1

Get a coupon code. On the registration page ,you will be asked to type your coupon code

How To Get this coupon code?

The coupon code is given to you when you pay the registration fee (which is #2,500 Nigerian naira “OR” 0.000472 BTC)

In the link below, you will see a list of their recommended vendors across the nation. You can contact any of them and purchase a coupon code from them.


Note however that I am not a vendor of Vrend and I was not paid by them or anyone to write this Vrend review, that link was gotten from their official website

If you’re interested in joining my team of prominent members that give out Spill-over donations to their downlines daily, chat or hit me up @07063177239

  • Step 2
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Step one was pretty detailed. So after you pay to any of those vendors, you will be given a coupon code, then you can proceeding to their registration page and register.

—on the registration page ,you will be asked to fill up necessary details like email, username,password , coupon, bank account or wallet address.Thats all.

–after filling up your details, click the sign up button.

Congrats, you’re done with the registration. You can check your profile for your referral link, whenever someone registers with that your link, you earn a 50% commission

How To withdraw your vrend fund / money

As I said earlier, you can withdraw any amount ,any time and any day!.

How Can You Withdraw from your vrend account?

–login to your Vrend account by clicking the “sign in” button on www.vrend.ng.

—Go to your dashboard

—Select “Withdraw”

— On the next page, you will be asked to select your withdrawal method. As I earlier stated, you can either withdraw into your Bitcoin wallet address or into your local bank account.

–After setting everything up, you will be paid within 24 hours upon request.

Enjoy, You can as well send some money to me, I won’t reject!


In conclusion, In this Vrend review, I have given you a complete and honest guide on how it works, all about Vrend and everything you need to know.

Whether It is a scam or legit? It’s up to you to choose which way to follow. While you invest, invest wisely.

Other stuffs have come up like Vrend Gold and Vrend Tron .Vrend app more details on that loading. . .

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This is just my honest Vrend review, I was not paid to make sentiments or to support Vrend in any way.

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