UnoCash Review: Scam or legit? (About How it works)

Last updated on Oct 15, 2020

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I’m sure your here in this UnoCash review to find out if UnoCash is a scam or legit investment.

sit back, get some popcorn! Have a drink too! Bills on you!

UnoCash is a peer-2-peer financial network/ platform where members pay one another automatically.

It was created on Friday, May 8, 2020 based on my research.

The company’s aim is to help Nigerians in these hard times to earn a living.

One things about this platform is that it’s members do not donate money into a particular account. Funds are being deposited in it’s members accounts.

Therefore you have no fear of being scammed by the company.

Note also that you can create two or more accounts if you want to.

About UnoCash: How does UnoCash work?

How To Sign up or Register on UnoCash

  • step 1

—Go to and click the Get Started button.

—on the registration page, you will be required to fill up information on the following details in the image below.

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UnoCash review: Scam or legit?

—fiil it up and click sign up.

— immediately you complete registration,you will be linked to pay into a random member’s(upline) account, the sum of NGN 500 only.

— After this payment is confirmed, four members(your downline) will also pay NGN 500 each into your account,the same way you did.

note that you do not need to refer anybody

—therefore you can have a total sum of NGN 2000 just within 24 hours of registration.

  • step 2

you can then upgrade to the second level which requires you to pay the sum of NGN 1000 naira into a random members (upline) as you did in the first step

—After this payment is confirmed, eight members(your downline) will also pay NGN1000 each into your account,the same way you did.

After this first and second step, you will have a total of #20, 000 (#2,000 + 18,000)

— to boost your payment frequently, you can refer people to join through your referral link.

with this , you can make up to #20,000 in one week.

What happens if you have twice the number of accounts and twice the number of referrals. . .

You Earn 40,000 naira!!

How To Sign in or login to your UnoCash account

—just log on to their website ,then click the sign in button

—You will then be required to fill up with your username / email and password.

Review: Is UnoCash legit?

As the money is not transferred to a particular account but to the accouiof it’s members, then I have to say it’s legit.

You can click the link below to see all about the domain name registration on UnoCashHere

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Review: Is UnoCash scam?

UnoCash ambition and operation is stated clearly on their website , so I doubt. you can check their social media pages on their website for more info

(FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions

how much is the registration fee

For the first stage, it’s only 500 naira. but for the second stage, it’s 1000 naira

where will I pay the money to?

you will be linked with an existing member, you will pay to his or her account.

What happens if I do not pay this money?

If you don’t ,your account will be disabled

What happens if the person linked with me do not pay me?

His or her account will be blocked and then he/she will be automatically by another person.

When did UnoCash start?

Month of May,2020.

Will UnoCash crash?

This question should be best answered by it’s founder. well, it’s activity is based on user’s activity. so there is no sign that it will crash sooner, besides it only started a few months ago.

Is UnoCash paying?

Of course, I know people who have been paid.


Many peer-2peer financial platforms have come and gone. Those who benefited richly from it are those that took the bold step to take the risk and start early.

Definitely,some platforms like this end up crashing, but a building doesn’t crash in a few days.

Anyways, Before investing in any platform, I’ll advise that you first make enquire,just like you are doing now.

Some platforms promise you mouth-watering opportunities but end up not fulfilling them.

Some ask you to donate 10k and get 100 k in one hour. How is that possible?

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Disclaimer was not paid by anyone to write this article, this is just based on research. I am not in any way supporting or discouraging anyone from joining this UnoCash platform. Be wise

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