Simple ways to make your phone battery last longer

In yet to be developed countries like Nigeria, and other countries in Africa that have little or insufficient power supply, phone users normally manage how they use their battery power.

In some places in Nigeria, electricity power supply comes once in a week, and it may last for only a few hours.

if you decide to use an alternative method by using a generator, you will definitely spend alot because of the high cost of petrol in the global market today.

Considering all these issues, it is wise to preserve your phone battery life.

Ways to make your phone battery last longer

There are lot of battery saving modes or techniques to make your mobile phone battery last long. some of them are:

decrease the brightness of your screen

The screen of your phone emits light energy. This reduces the power (percentage) of your battery as time increases.

Infact, studies have shown that people that operate phones with low screen brightness, not only have longer battery lives but have longer eye sight span

So why not reduce the brightness of your screen today?

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Do not leave your mobile date ON while not in use.

Most people chat on social media using their mobile phones every night and they eventually sleep off online and forget to turn off their mobile data.

This drains battery as the equipment of the phone that is in charge of browsing consumes lot of power.

Use WiFi instead of mobile network data

Studies have shown that local WiFi consumes less battery power as compared to that consumed by mobile network.

I know there are little or not free WiFi in developing countries but if you can grab one, then do.

Use 3G network instead of 4G

Generally, 4G network consumes more battery life than 3G.

This is why phones with as low as 2G network retains Battey life easily while surfing the internet.

I know using 3G might cause you to have slower online time, but if it’s necessary to save your battery, especially when you are not downloading anything, then do it.

Limit the time you spend watching videos or movies

One of the greatest source of high battery consumption is videos.

why is this so?

When you are watching a video, battery gets consumed from the sound of the video, from the display of the video (moving characters) and also from the screen brightness of your phone, just to mention a few.

So imagine watching a movie or YouTube video with your WiFi ON and at the same time, you’re making a phone.

Oh My…. Your battery will get drained in a couple of minutes.

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Set your phone to “Airplane mode” or “Do not disturb” mode Before going to bed at night.

What is airplane mode?

This simple disables incoming and outgoing calls. By the way, you don’t want to receive calls while sleeping, do you?

In airplane mode, you cannot use your mobile data too, or receive online notifications. This increase your battery life by a percentage.

What is “Do not disturb” mode?

This is the same thing as airplane mode. Some phones show “airplane mode” while others show “Do not disturb”

Turn on power saver mode.

Every phone (smart phone) has this feature. Turn on your power or battery saver mode if you want to preserve or retain your battery.

What this feature does is that it disables all unnecessary power usages in the phone. These include apps that run at the background.

By turning on battery saver mood, the percentage of your battery will be retained.

Disable background activities of your apps

Some apps in your phone run even when you are not using them. These kind of apps include social media apps and even some apps you don’t expect.

Go to settings, go to apps , select each applications on your phone and disable background activities for unnecessary apps.

By disabling background activities, you will save your battery

Avoid using video wallpapers

While they can be very attractive, they suck your battery very well. so avoid using it. also avoid gif animation or themes.

Get a power bank

Power banks are devices that you can use to charge your phone battery when there is no power supply.

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It ranges in Price, some have low battery power and others have high battery power.

So try to get one.

Buy an original battery

Even if you follow all the above precautions, you will always drain your battery if it is a fake battery. So try to buy original battery by purchasing new original phones preferably with inbuilt battery.


We all want our mobile phone battery to last long. Hopefully, with the above tutorial, we will achieve our aim.

See this article on how to make your phone battery last longer

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