Richstago platform review: Scam or Legit?

Do you know that you can earn upto 10k weekly only by reading news online?

Join let’s earn together with just N500


Richstago is an online income program that pays its members for reading, sharing and commenting on their website posts.

It is a news website just like NNU and nairaland, it pays users every month, referral is not compulsory.
These news cover categories like religion, entertainment, politics, health , culture, job vacancy and more!

This platform was created on the 14th of June 2020.

While it would be clever to stay away from sites that have just been created less than 3 months ago, it is wise to be among the first set of people to start up a business.

In a wedding party or birthday celebration, “na who come first go chop party rice,” the late comers might find nothing to eat

How does Richstago gets its revenue to pay you

Before joining any online income platform, the first question you should ask yourself (apart from know whether it is legit or scam) is . . .

Why Do They Pay me?

Certainly, every website owner’s goal is to drive traffic to their website. . . This is because high traffic brings about high revenue.

They are several “Advert placements” on richstago, they gain revenue from there.

Besides that, instead of richstago to spend lot of money for advertisements (on Google,other well-known websites or social media platforms), they prefer to spend this money on us by making us share sponsored posts on social media.

Richstago: How does It Work?

Like I said earlier, you get paid for sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook account, for commenting on posts everyday and for reading articles. You also get paid for each daily login.

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Like I always do here on OneConnect, I’ll break down how richstago works on this richstago review, because you need to know everything about it.

How To earn money on richstago income platform

The primary aim of venturing into a business is to make money right?

However, In richstago, there are two ways of making money, these are;

  1. By activities
  2. These activities include sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook timeline, commenting on posts, reading news, daily login. I’ll list all these activities in the next subheading below.

  3. By referrals(Optional)

This is not compulsory, but You can also get paid whenever you refer a friend to join richstago. This can be done whenever they register using the referral link you shared to them.

If you do not have referrals, don’t worry, we gat you covered ,just join our Richstago WhatsApp group and contact the group admin to get connected.
NOTE: You must be a new unregistered person who wants to register.

How To make Activity earnings on

As I have said, you can either earn through activities or through referrals.

Making money through referrals is simply by sending people your referral link, while making money by activities is what I’ll explain below.

How much can you earn on activity?

  • Daily Login ==> ₦100
  • Each comment you make == ₦5
  • Each sponsored post you share ,you earn ₦200
  • For Each person you refer to join richstago, you earn ₦250
  • You earn ₦5 for each article/Post you read

Although,there are few articles there for now.

  • sign up welcome bonus is ₦200

richstago Registration: Step-by-step guide on How To Join, sign up or Register

about Richstago review_how it works

  • Step 1.

To join, you have to pay a one-time registration fee of ₦500 only.

How Do You Pay this registration fee?

— Visit

— In that page, you will see a list of richstago coupon code vendors.
These vendors sell coupon codes, these coupon codes will be required on richstago registration page.

Contact any of the vendors and purchase their e-pin.

  • Step 2.

After purchasing the coupon code, visit and click the “Sign up” link.
— Fill up your personal details like email address, bank information, username, phone number and most importantly, your coupon code.

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— click register.

—Thats all ,you will be redirected to the dashboard.

Disclaimer: Note that we are not paid for writing this article. Our aim is not to promote or tarnish this platform. This is just a honest richstago review, based on our survey,

Richstago Login

To login on richstago, you will be required to fill up your Username and password that you used during registration.

How much can I withdraw on my richstago account?

You have two wallets:

  1. Activity earnings
  2. referral earnings

— In your activity earnings, you can withdraw a minimum of ₦4,000.

— In your referral earnings , you can withdraw a minimum of ₦1,000

Withdrawal process: How to Withdraw on richstago?

You have two wallets:

  1. Activity earnings
  2. referral earnings

— Withdrawals from activity earnings can be done every 28th day of each month.

— While Withdrawals from referral earnings can be done every weekend.

Note that you must have reached the minimum Withdrawal amount before you can request withdrawal.

Check the minimum Withdrawals in the previous subheading above.

If you do not have referrals, don’t worry, we gat you covered ,just join our Richstago WhatsApp group and contact the group admin to get connected.
NOTE: You must be a new unregistered person who wants to be a member.

Is richstago scam or legit?

Is Richstago legit?

Based on our survey, we haven’t heard any complains on richstago

Reasons why richstago might be legit.

—1. It’s HTTPS and SSL certificate is valid. meaning ,the details you provide during registration or login are secured.

Richstago sign up review_how it works

—2. According to ScamVoid , this platform is not detected by any blacklist engine

3 its total networth is only $1050 According to cutestat

With all these ,you might consider it to be legit.

Is richstago scam?

is richstago a Scam? Well , I can’t conclude , but I’ll give to points you should consider

Reasons Why richstago might be a scam?

—1. The owner of the website is hiding his domain identity using paid service. In his “about us” page also, the owner or owners beging richstago is not stated. this is dubious.

–2. The website is only new, it was created 14th June 2020.

–3. According to ScamVoid The site is ranked #1,625,099 on
millions of other sites in ALEXa, not bad for a new website.

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Richstago review_how it works

–4. It currently doesn’t have lot of members.

–5. it has a trustscore of 10 over 100. According to aetrustscore

Disclaimer: We cannot completely ascertain whether richstago is a scam or legit, we only give you a review based on our survey,

Invest wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

what is a coupon code?

This is just like the code you see when you buy a recharge card for your phone.
The only difference is that, this one is a combination of alphabets (letters)

Does richstago pay?

They pay. As long as you have reached the minimum amount for withdrawal, you can request payment.

meanwhile, they clearly stated on their website that they may pay 50% of your request, if the system is low in funds, but they will surely pay up everyone completely.

How can I get my referral link?

—Log into your richstago account, then go to your dashboard and select Affiliate / referral links.

— You will see your referral link there, copy it and give it to people whenever you Advertise richstago.

— you get 50% of their registration fee.

Is referral compulsory?

No. It is completely optional. You only refer people if you want to earn more from commission and if you want to increase your Withdrawal threshold.


In conclusion, while we read news, comment in social media posts and also share them without earning any revenue, richstago pays you for doing all of the things you do for free.

Currently,the website has about 5k members and less than 59 articles so you should concentrate on sharing sponsored posts daily.

referral is not compulsory but it is a good source of high revenue.

Like I said, the early starters gain from Investment schemes like this. N500 isn’t too much to be scared of.

Help us with more points by contributing in this richstago review, so we can know whether it is scam or legit.

please if you like this article, encourage us by sharing it … it won’t take upto 20 seconds to do that. think about it. Thank you

If you do not have referrals, don’t worry, we gat you covered ,just join our Richstago WhatsApp group and contact the group admin to get connected.
NOTE: You must be a new unregistered person who wants to be a member.

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