Piggyfundz review is what you are reading now. If you’re here because you want to find out if Piggyfundz is legit, scam , real or genuine, then you are at the right place in this Piggyfundz review.

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Piggyfundz Review | Is Piggyfundz legit or scam? Is Piggyfundz real and genuine? About Piggyfundz.com.ng coupon code vendor

In this thorough Piggyfundz review, I will be explaining all about Piggyfundz and how it works. I will also expand and touch other sections such as, Piggyfundz minimum withdrawal, how to register on Piggyfundz,how to buy Piggyfundz coupon code from a coupon vendor and more.

Piggyfundz review | About Piggyfundz | everything you need to know

In this Piggyfundz review, I will be explaining everything you need to know about Piggyfundz.

Piggyfundz is an online earning Platform that pays it’s members for performing tasks such as sharing sponsored posts.

As far as you have a mobile phone, you can register on Piggyfundz.com.ng and start earning money.

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How Does Piggyfundz work?

I will break down how Piggyfundz works in this Piggyfundz review.

Now, this is how Piggyfundz works.

First of all ,you need to get a coupon code from any of the vendors. The coupon code costs N2,000 only.

After buying the coupon code, you need to register. Then you get the opportunity to earn by performing tasks such as sharing sponsored posts.

One amazing thing is that you also earn anyday you login. Now, for the Affiliate marketers ,you stand to earn 75% of your referrals registration fee which is N1,000 bonus.

Ways to earn on Piggyfundz

Sponsored postsN100
Daily loginN200
Referral bonusN1,000

Extra benefits of joining Piggyfundz

There are two other benefits of joining Piggyfundz. You won’t find out if you don’t read this Piggyfundz review. Apart from earning from daily tasks, there are two other packages you earn from this piggyfundz.com.ng Platform.

These are:-

    1. counselling advise:-

You can ask for counseling advise, maybe relationship matters or any other thing. There are professionals or expert counsellors who are specialized in various kinds of issues. Once you have a minimum of 3,000 activity earnings, you can hire one of them.

    1. Advert placement

Advert is very important in any business and therefore, people pay lot of money on adverts. With a minimum of 3,000 activity points, you can advertise your products on this platform and your products will get exposed to this large audience.

How to sign up / Register on piggyfundz.com.ng

Follow these steps to create an account:-

  1. Contact any of the vendors and buy a coupon code worth 2,000 NGN
  2. After purchasing the coupon code, use the link given to you to sign up
  3. Input your personal details such as full names ,email and then coupon code.
  4. Click on sign up to complete registration
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Piggyfundz login

To login on piggyfundz.com.ng, you must have already bought a coupon code from the vendor above and have already created an account using the steps above.

Details required for login are:-

  • your Email address or username
  • Your password

Piggyfundz review | How to make money on Piggyfundz.com.ng

In this Piggyfundz review, I will show you the ways you can earn on Piggyfundz.com.ng.

Mainly there are three ways you can earn on piggyfundz.com.ng, the last one is optional

    1. Login bonus

You earn a sum of N200 everyday you login. Note that this money is given only once per day, no matter how many times you login in a day.

    1. Activity earnings

Such as sharing of sponsored post. You earn N100 for each sponsored post you share everyday.

    1. Referral bonus

You earn N1,000 each time someone uses your referral link to register. Although this is not compulsory. It is optional. You can still cash out without referring anybody, but by performing the other tasks above.

Awesome right?

Piggyfundz income program referral commission

Like I explained above, you can also earn on Piggyfundz by referring people to join the platform. For each person you refer using your referral link, you earn a sum of N1,000

If you’re here because you want to know all about Piggyfundz referral commission in this Piggyfundz review, then I’ve explained it.

Piggyfundz.com.ng income program |Piggyfundz minimum withdrawal

Withdrawal in Piggyfundz.com.ng can be divided into two categories, which are:-

  • Referral withdrawal
  • non Referral withdrawal

For Referral withdrawal, the minimum is N1,000 which can be withdrawn everyday.

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For non referrals , the minimum withdrawal is N8000 activity earnings which can be withdrawn only of the 15th and 30th of every month.

Piggyfundz review | is Piggyfundz still paying?

Well, I, personally has received payment from Piggyfundz so I can boldly say it is paying.

Who is the CEO of Piggyfundz.com.ng

Unfortunately, the owner of piggyfundz.com.ng was not shown on the platform. This might be a red flag but let’s keep our hopes high.

Is Piggyfundz legit or scam?

Finding our whether piggyfundz.com.ng is scam or legit, real or paying can be difficult now, because it was recently launched. But one thing is certain, we will discover soon.


There are many income programs or read news earning Platforms coming up everyday. Some of them are legit while others are scam. Some start paying and then later crash. The legitimacy of a website might not be indicated clearly on it except you can see the owner and probably beg him or her to tell you if it is legit, which would definitely not happen.

Meanwhile, while investing or joining any of these Platforms, ensure you read a review on it on this platform (oneconnect).

This is a honest Piggyfundz review

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