Palmpay is a financial app just like Opay and others. It can be used to send money and airtime to your friends and family. The interesting thing about this app is that, it pays you for any transaction you carry out. Amazing right? This reward is called PalmPoint.

Asides sending money and airtime, you can also find your palmpay wallet and pay for utilities such as NEPA bill, DStv subscription and more. it’s that easy.

How to make money on Palmpay

If you want to earn money on Palmpay, just stick to this post as I show you various means of making money on Palmpay.

Broadly, there are four ways to make money on Palmpay.

These are

  1. You earn upto #200 airtime by downloading and installing the app on play store
  2. Earn 5% bonus on utility bill payment
  3. Top-up bonus
  4. Referral bonus
  • Earn upto #200 airtime by downloading and installing the app on play store

it’s that easy, just go to Google play store and download Palmpay, install the app, you will see a reward you can claim. You will be asked to put in your phone number. then an airtime will be sent to you instantly.

Secondly, you also earn 75 palmpoints upon registration.

  • Earn 5% bonus on utility bill payment:

Whenever you pay for a bill like electricity or DStv / Gotv, you earn 5% of the fee for free.
This bonus is in form of palmpoints.

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For instance, if you pay #10,000 for a DStv subscription, you earn #500 into your palmpay wallet in palmpoints.

  • Top-up bonus:

You earn 10% bonus whenever you top up your palmpay wallet with at least #1000. For instance, if you Top-up your wallet with #1000, you earn #100.

Note that this offer can only be given once a week.

  • Referral bonus

You earn #300 whenever you refer someone to register on Palmpay. That is , whenever someone uses your referral link to download and install Palmpay on their phones, you earn #300 upon their registration.

It’s that easy.

They only need to download the app and register for free.
by the way, they also get 75 palmpoints when they register, so it’s a win-win situation.

Uses of Palmpay app

  1. To receive and transfer money
  2. buy cheap data and recharge cards
  3. To pay for VTU / utility bills
  • send and receive money.

With Palmpay, you can send and receive money. Now, why is this app preferable to other Nigerian banks?
There are little or no charges involved in transactions, unlike banks.

Also, whenever you make a transaction on Palmpay, you earn a bonus. Banks don’t offer you this offer.

To send money directly to someone’s bank account through this app, all you need is the person’s bank account number.

The app will automatically show you the account name associated with that account number, then you input the amount you want to transfer and your secret pin gotten during Registration.

Note that Palmpay is very secured , no one can use your phone to make any transaction because a secret pin will be needed for any transaction.

  • To buy cheap data and recharge cards
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Instead of buying data at expensive wallet breaking prices, you can use Palmpay to buy data after finding your palmpay wallet which I will explain as we go further.

The data plans are relatively cheaper.

Not only is the app for purchasing data, you can also use Palmpay to gift data to your friends and loved ones.

Remember,you earn for each transaction.. so the more transaction you make, the more bonus you earn.

  • To pay for VTU / utility bills

asides buying airtime and data, you can also pay for utility bills like electricity, DStv/ Gotv subscription.

Remember, you earn for each transaction.

How to register on Palmpay

  1. Install Palmpay app on Google play store
  2. Click on sign up ( inside the app)
  3. Choose your country code and phone number (Nigeria country code is +234)
  4. Click “agree”
  5. A verification code will be sent to the phone number you provided
  6. Enter the verification code and continue.

How to fund your palmpay wallet

  1. Open your palmpay app
  2. login
  3. Click on “fund” button at the top of your dashboard
  4. Enter the amount you want to fund and the description the click next
  5. Click on “select payment method”
  6. Choose card method
  7. select your bank and provide the details on your ATM card linked with your bank account. The details included cvv, account number, expiration date.
  8. Click on next and then click on pay.
  9. You will be required to input your palmpay password to proceed payment. (do not tell anyone this password)
  10. Next, you will be sent an “OTP” from your bank to your phone as SMS. use this OTP to proceed payment.
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Is Palmpay legit?

Yes. Palmpay is legit. It is safe and reliable. your funds are safe and your password is encrypted.

Is Palmpay a scam?

No, Palmpay is a popular payment app like Opay, it is legit and hence, not a scam. You can download it on Google play store.


What is Palmforce?

Palmforce is a referral system introduced by palmpay.

Most companies introduce referral system so as to get more users into their business.

They pay you for referring people into Palmpay.

How to join Palmforce

Register and login to Palmpay, then click on “invitation” at the top left corner of your app.
click on join Palmforce button


The world today is becoming a global village, internet and mobile banking has become the order of the day. Gone are the days when we used to line up in queue just to deposit or Send money to someone.

With Palmpay, you can receive and send money from the comfort of your homes.

You can also pay bills without visiting their offices and wasting so much time.

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