In this MyInfinityIdea review, we will talking about how to register on MyInfinityIdea, the minimum withdrawal amount, how MyInfinityIdea works and whether it is scam or legit.

MyInfinityIdea review | About MyInfinityIdea : How it works

If you’re reading this MyInfinityIdea to know how MyInfinityIdea works, then you’re in the right place.

At MyInfinityIdea, there are three ways you can earn money. These are:-

  1. Activities earnings
  2. Direct Referral Referral earnings (optional)
  3. Indirect Referrals
  • Activities earnings

By activity earning, I mean sharing advert or sponsored posts on your social media such as Facebook.

You earn N800 for doing so.

  • Direct Referral earnings

whenever someone registers using your referral link, you earn N2600

  • Indirect earning

whenever someone joins MyInfinityIdea using the referral link of any of your downliners, you earn N500

MyInfinityIdea, also known as infinityidea is an Entrepreneurial and Affiliate program. There are two parts of MyInfinityIdea.

these are:-

  1. entrepreneurship
  2. Activities / Affiliate

Now let’s talk briefly about the first part.

Entrepreneurship program

At MyInfinityIdea, you have a platform to learn various skills online. Such as, fashion design, web design and so much more.

After paying a registration fee of 5,000 naira, you gain unlimited access to these packages.

Activities / Affiliate

After registering by buying a coupon code of #5,000 from any of the vendors, you can now perform daily activities and get paid for doing so.

These activities are mainly sharing of sponsored posts on your various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

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For each post you share ,you earn a sum of #800 everyday.

MyInfinityIdea review | Minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal for referral earnings on MyInfinityIdea is N7,800 while the minimum withdrawal for non Referrals is N20,000.

The date for Referral withdrawal is everyday while the date for non-referrals withdrawal is 25th of every month which will be announced on the platform via sponsored posts.

Is Myinfinityidea legit?

Yes, MyInfinityIdea is legit and I, personally have received payment from the platform

Is Myinfinityidea scam?

MyInfinityIdea is genuine and real. It is not a scam. It has helped many Nigerian with entrepreneurship and trainings, and also Affiliate earnings.


This is the end of MyInfinityIdea review for now, but we will surely update you guys on any latest news regarding

Many Platforms come up everyday. some crash, some pay for a very long time before crashing.

It is advisable to join these kind of Platforms when they are new. So you can profit from it for a very long time.

Even if something eventually goes bad, you must have profited immensely.

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