In this multicash review, we will let you know everything about multicash platform, how it works, how to register, the minimum withdrawal and whether it is legit or scam.

Multicash review | About multicash

Multicash is an online Platform that pays it’s members for clicking on adverts and pages.

multicash review | Different ways of making money in multicash

You can make money on multicash using any of these three methods:-

  1. Activities earnings
  2. Welcome bonus
  3. Referral earnings
  • Activity earnings

In multicash, you can earn by performing tasks daily such as clicking on adverts or visiting pages.

You earn up to N450 daily for doing so.

  • Welcome bonus

After paying a registration fee of N3,000. You earn a welcome bonus of N1,500

Note that this N3,000 registration fee lasts for 30 days after which you can withdraw your total earnings.

  • Referral earnings

For each person you refer to join multicash using your referral link, you earn N1,300 instantly, although this is not compulsory.

Multicash review | What is Multicash minimum withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal amount for non referrals is N10,000 while the minimum withdrawal amount for Referral is N3,900.

The date for withdrawal for Referral is Monday and Friday while the date for withdrawal for non Referrals is on the 24th of every month.

Is multicash legit?

Yes. multicash is legit and has been paying.

Is multicash scam?

Multicash is not a scam. It is legit and still paying

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Many Platforms have come and gone. Some have paid. some were scam. It is wise to check reviews before joining a platform.
Also, try to join the platform when it is still new.

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