How To Stop Receiving Spammy Links Notification On your Phone

How To Stop Receiving Spammy Notification On your Phone

How does it feel when you’re using your mobile phone and then you receive tons of notifications you are not interested in?

It’s frustrating right?

Especially when your chatting with that special one and you get interrupted by these pop up notifications on your mobile phone.

Some of these links are from websites while others are from some apps you have on your phone.

Most times,we don’t even know how they got into our phones. Neither do we know how to stop receiving them.

In this article, I’ll be giving you full details on how to stop receiving these spam links on your device.

How do these notifications come into our phones?

Most website owners use malicious softwares that force you to register for notification updates whenever you visit their websites, just to get traffic.

Therefore you do not need to submit your email address to any newsletter or turn on any chrome notification, it automatically activates when you visit their websites.

How do I know if a notification is a chrome notification?

Any chrome notification will have the icon shown on the image below.

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So if you have unknown spammy notifications that have this icon, then it’s a chrome notification and you can disable or stop it.

If it isn’t a chrome notification, can I stop it also?

Yes. With the second method in this article, stopping notifications on any app can be done easily without stress.

How do I avoid sites that send spammy notifications on my phone?

Well, most times it’s difficult to tell by First look. But whenever you visit a site, do not turn on any newsletter notification or click yes to any notification that you don’t want.

Also, avoid sites that are not secured with SSL ( Chrome green padlock)

How to stop receiving spammy notifications on your phone?

Now, I guess this is the main reason why you are reading this article. You want to find out how to disable those spammy links.

It’s easy, you can disable all of them in a minute. Follow the steps below.

  1. enter the link in the spammy notification
  2. You will see a green padlock as shown in the image below
  3. how to stop receiving spam notification on your phone

  4. click on it
  5. Click on “site settings” as shown in the image below
  6. how to disable receiving spam notification on your phone

  7. then click on “clear / reset ” to delete all the notifications from that website

how to stop receiving spammy link notification

This should solve the problem forever, but remember not to visit those spammy sites again.

Note that, clicking on the reset button will delete every detail you have with the site, including your cache and login details if any.

Alternative way to disable spam notification on your Android phone

This is the most effective method.

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Why do I say so?

Because it can stop spammy notifications not only on chrome but on all applications on your mobile for with ease.

All you need to do is to toggle a button for each website to either turn on or turn off notifications.

This method works for any app including chrome, WhatsApp, Facebook and others.

With this method, you cannot select the particular notifications to disable. It simply stops all notifications on a particular application,or on a particular website.

This can be helpful too.

follow the steps below:

  1. Go to settings on your mobile phone
  2. click on “Apps and notifications”
  3. You will see different apps, click on chrome
  4. then click on “notifications”
  5. You will see a list containing all the websites which you have either signed up with or sign in for notifications
  6. Use the toggle button to disable the particular website you want to stop receiving notifications from them

Problem solved.


receiving spammy links while we operate our phones can be quite frustrating, I easily get goosebumps whenever I see them.
some of them are notifications which we activated willingly, while others are just from malicious softwares created by web designers to aid their hat traffic.

Receiving notifications from apps we do not use regularly can also be frustrating.

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