How To Create blog and Make Money in Nigeria (2020)

I used to think that, to become a Blogger, I need to learn lots of programming language and be a geek.

Now, creating a website or a blog is as easy as A,B,C.

As a beginner, With little or no knowledge of programming language, you can create a blog.

You might have thought that the field of blogging in Nigeria is over crowded.

Well, Should I burst your bubble?

You still have a lot of impact to make on the field of blogging.

Yes, you can make it to the first page on google, all you need is the right tips and a little patience.

Those websites/ blogs you see on the first page of google were not there from the beginning of google.

They started from little, they grew, they overshadowed those tops blogs,
now they are at the top.

You too,can be at the top

Hello everyone! In this article, I’ll be giving you step-by-step guide on how to create/start a blog/website in Nigeria.

Both free and Paid!

You should know that blogging is one of the 20+ ways to make money online in Nigeria.

What Is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing an editorial on a weblog. A weblog to begin with came from the
word “internet log”.

You can consider it as an
online journal or diary, though blogs are used for much more now.

We have notable bloggers like Linda Ikeji

Without wasting much of your time as time is money, below are steps to start a blog in Nigeria.

1. Choose a Niche

I believe you have something of interest in mind, before seeking a guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria.

So, A niche is what you want to specialize in,

There are two basic things you need to consider before choosing a niche (especially if you want to make money on your blog):

  • Your Passion and knowledge

The strong desire to teach people how to make money in Nigeria and, also the desire to connect clients with entrepreneurs, and business associates with themselves made me Start up this great website.

Now, I didn’t only start this because of mere passion, I started this because I have both the passion and knowledge in teaching/writing articles and in business generally.

If you create a blog on something you do not have passion for, believe me, you will close it down in less than a year.

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Especially when you start getting bored with no much income to show for your work.

  • How profitable and relevant it is

Okay, After having passion and knowledge for a particular niche,
the next thing to ask yourself is.

How relevant and profitable is this niche?

You have to agree with me that, the number of people that visit entertainment and business blogs in Nigeria cannot be compared to the number of people that visit a blog that talks about Snow in Nigeria.

Choose a niche that is relevant and profitable, it must not be an entertainment blog, just anything you have interest in (and that is relevant).

Ask yourself.

Who are the people that will be interested in visiting my blog?

Are they going to be many?

2. decide a name.

When you give birth to a child ,the first thing that comes to your mind is, the name to give him/her.

Same applies to blogging.

Now,you wouldn’t want to give him/her a name that doesn’t make sense.

Or a name that cannot be easily pronounced.

Not a name that can hardly be spelled and remembered.

bear in mind that your domain name is going to be your brand name. so you would want to use something unique.

Things to consider before choosing a domain name.

  • Choose a brand

Don’t just pick a random name. make sure it sounds good as a brand. and not similar to other usual blog names.

  • secondly, Don’t use hypens or large numbers

using hypens or large numbers is bad.

Now, how does it sound if I tell you that my blog name is “”

pronounced as “237 hyphen blog dot com”..
This will cause lot of confusion.

Even if you want to use a number, use something memorable.

  • Use a name related to your niche

niche simply means what your blog is all about.
If your blog is a technology blog.

You can consider including the keyword “tech” in your domain name.

This way, people can know what your blog is about.

  • Lastly, Make sure the domain name you want is available

When choosing a domain name, you’ll find out that most of your ideas have been used by someone out there!

To avoid getting stucked and disappointed, It’s advisable to check the availability first.

so, How do you check your domain name availability?

No need to worry, checking your domain name availability is easy with online tools.

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Here are a few tools you can use, just type in your domain name and check.

If you’re confused on what name to choose,
Let me help end or reduce this your confusion.

Visit and type in your site niche or major keyword.

And it will give you suggestions related to that keyword, that are available.

after choosing a name for your blog.
You can buy a domain name on Name or or Godaddy

I highly recommend the first two because of their reliability.

3. Choose a Webhost

After getting a domain name and registering it, you need a host.

A Webhost holds all the files that you are going to put on your website.

These files include your themes,scripts, images ,blog posts and more.

It holds all your website’s data and makes your website visible on the internet.

You pay them yearly to host your website. This can be similar to paying a landlord yearly to rent their house.

Now you don’t want to choose a host that can crash tomorrow.

Neither do you want to choose a host that has slow speed.

Before choosing a host ,you need to take precaution.

Do not use an unreliable host.

here’s a list of recommended webhosts you can choose to use.
I highly recommend DomainKing or Namecheap.

Domainking offers both domain name and web host. They also give free 1 year domain if you host with them.

You can get a fr–ee web host ,and WordPress platform at but I’ll recommend you use a paid web host at for the following reasons:

  • is fr–ee but you have limited options in the design and total control of your website
  • also, allows you design your website by using different kinds of themes (This is not possible with a fr–ee WordPress. com)
  • A fr–ee web host does not allow you monetize from your blog. Therefore you cannot engage in businesses like Google AdSense.
  • Using a fr–ee web host, your blog can be deleted at anytime without prior notification.

With all these conditions, you would agree with me that its better to pay for a web host than to use a free web host.

4. Choosing a platform for your blog

I initially described a web host as being a land or house which you rented yearly from a landlord..

Now, this platform is just the structure of the house you rented.

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Platform depends on what you want your blog to look like , that is, the features you want.

I’ll recommend you install WordPress platform on your blog for the following reasons:

  • WordPress is very good in SEO ( . )
  • also, wordPress has lot of features by using different plugins
  • thirdly, wordPress is easy to understand and use.
  • fourthly, WordPress is the most common kind of website. 50% of top blogs are WordPress blogs
  • lastly, WordPress can be used for a blog,website, forum and even social media.

This website is currently a WordPress website.

Apart from WordPress, there are other alternates to create a fr–ee blog

These alternatives are:

These free platform provide fr–ee web host and free subdomain name.

subdomain means under a domain.

For example: You can create a fr–ee with or with medium AVOID free blog platforms for the following reasons:

  • You are not allowed to advertise or monetize on a free blog. (therefore you cannot apply for AdSense)
  • Your Fre blog cannot be deleted anytime if you unknowingly break a rule.
  • also, Your fre blog has a particular bandwidth and limited space
  • Most importantly, Your fre blog will display irritating adverts which you cannot disable
  • After one year
    ,you must upgrade your fre blog with money…

5. installation of themes/plugins

Themes are those designs that distinguishes one blog from another blog.

It is that unique colour combination and the general design of the blog.

Plugins add additional features to your blog.

One good thing is that there are lots of fr–ee themes and plugins available on WordPress.

Now, assuming you want to use a WordPress platform like I recommended,

These topics should help you to install WordPress and also install themes and plugins.



Making money through blogging is not a quick process. It takes time and consistency.

You can actually create a website or a blog in the comfort of your home, without learning a line of code.

While a few people might prefer other platforms for personal reasons best known to them, I suggest you use a WordPress platform.

With these guide, you can set up a blog in a day.

If you have any question, hit our comment box and you will be replied sharply.

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