Things to consider before starting photography business.

Do you know that no day goes by without an event being covered by a photographer?

Photography simply involy taking photos using quality cameras.

As a professional photographer, your aim is to provide quality service and get paid.
Photography in Nigeria is now in high demand.

Certainly, there are ocassions to cover week-in week-out. With the way makeups and modelling are trending, most people go to photo studios regularly.

Therefore, Photography is very lucrative / profitable in Nigeria.

Firstly,you need to learn everything about Photography before you go into it.

How to learn Photography in Nigeria

Before you think of making money in Photography, you have to be good in Photography .

No one will pay a mediocre.

As long as you have the passion and creativity, learning Photography won’t take alot of time.

In article ,I’ll be giving you three tips on how to learn Photography here in Nigeria.

1. Having a practical training/ experience

One of the reasons why businesses fail is because entrepreneurs jump into businesses with little or zero experience.

Certainly, there is no shortcut to success.

Go out there, find a professional.
If you have to work in a photo studio for a particular duration. Do it.
Initially, you should not be profit minded, if it requires that you pay for this skill, Pay!

Even professional footballers go for training.. so why shouldn’t you?

tell me.

2. Learn from YouTube videos online

YouTube is one of the top video search engines. There are alot of thrilling videos there. YouTube isn’t only for watching funny videos and laughing your mouth out.

Learn Photography from YouTube videos

The world is erratic. Techniques of doing things are improving daily.

This is what differentiates an ancient photographer from a modern one.

New concepts come out daily. Also ensure you are up-to-date in social media as you get to see thrilling concepts there too.

3. Register for Photography courses online

The world has gone digital. Gone are the days when classes must be held face-to-face. Now, there are lot of courses you can take online fr–ee, in the comfort of your homes.

Not only will this help you learn from expert tutors, it will also enable you meet more people in your profession.

Some of these platform that offer Photography courses online include:

In this platform, you have lots of courses you can start and they will groom you into an expert in a short while.

They also give you works to do after classes.

Click here to See all Coursera Photography courses

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Shaw academy is a platform online that teaches people.

They offer a diploma in Photography. This course lasts for 4 months,

See: Shaw academy online Photography course

It is fr–ee for the first one month, but Unfortunately or fortunately, you have to pay a token to continue throughout the remaining three months.

Trust me ,it’s worth it!

You’ll be taught the fundamentals of photography.

  • 3. Alison

This is another platform with lots and lots of online courses on Photography.


It has various courses on digital photography..

Above all. It is absolutely FR–EE!

Check out all courses on Photography


  • 4. Photographycourse

In, you get to read and learn from Photography articles there.

They also offer courses on Photography.

and guess what??

It’s absolutely FR–EE!
check out photography course for beginners

It’s highly educative.

specializations/ kinds/types/ branches/ niches of photography

Photography is wide, while some focus on a particular type, you should dive into all of them if you really want to earn from it

,there are a lot of Photography niche but I’ll explain the most popular ones in nigeria.

1. Event photography

Memories are wonderful!

Most importantly, having your event video-covered is not optional. This is almost mandatory especially in weddings, burials, birthdays, convocation, parties, matriculation and more…

So, covering an event isn’t just all about holding a camera like you all think.

There are levels to this!..

There is a reason why some camera men are paid N20,000 for an event while some others are paid more than 5 times that money.

Quality and Packaging!!

How To Start Wedding photography
Now, how do you go about this?

Before starting anything, I always advise people to learn.


This is not only about reading articles online, you should also watch YouTube videos on photography.

In addition to this, you should go out there and learn practically. Even if it means paying to get this training. Do it.

How do you get this training?

Just storm into a random wedding centre on Saturday. Find an event centre where a wedding ceremony reception is taking place.. you can talk with the camera man. tell him/her you want to learn.

event Photography continuation

Definitely he might ask you to pay him.
It’s worth it. Be with him/her all through the event.

Learn everything about portrait photography, photo editing with softwares like Photo Studio and more.

Most importantly, People like it when you catch that special moment in a picture.

After you’ve learnt and become a professional,you can also reach people and get paid.


Now, after learning everything about wedding photography from an expert, you can now start.

Having clients will now be your aim.

How do you get clients??

To get people to call you to cover their occasions, you must be known!

No matter how good you are in photography,if no body knows you, nobody will call you up.

Make your presence and works known to people by sharing your works on social media. Facebook, Instagram and more!

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It will be wise of you to get your business card. This will make you official and more valued.

one encouraging thing about event photography is that you do not need to have a shop.
All you need is a quality camera, a good laptop(for editing pictures) and experience.

2. Portrait photography

Portrait photography is simply taking pictures of people especially with the head and body being the central focus.

Nowadays, this niche of photography is booming!

I don’t know who brought this traditional in Nigeria that says, whenever a girl celebrates her birthdays, she must go for photoshoot.

Apart from birthdays, most people just go to photo studios to take pictures regularly, especially these aspiring models.

There is a large untapped room for this niche. It is one of the most lucrative area of photography.

You can also take family pictures or photos of newly born babies…

Note that as a portrait photography,having a shop/studio is not compulsory. You can take outdoor photoshoots.

To maximize your profit in this business. Try and get a shop inside or close to a tertiary institution. You’ll almost get tired of the crowd you’ll be receiving on a daily basis.

3. Studio Photography

This kind of photography involves getting a studio. Most likely you might have to register your business name in Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Having a studio means it has to be well equipped.

Equipment needed in a photo studio includes:

  • Tripod(this keeps your camera steady)
  • Light Modifiers
  • Softbox
  • Reflector
  • Laptop with photo editing softwares
  • Of course, your professional digital camera and lens
  • Back drops (this is the fabric used as background)
  • props
  • Printer (to print hardcopies)
  • Photography umbrellas
  • Diffuses
  • Curtains
  • Aperture
  • Chair for your customers
  • Extra camera battery

and more. . .

Clients will locate and visit you whenever they want a photoshoot.

talking about location, make sure
your studio is in an open place,a place where many people live around. However,it depends on your money.

This affects the rent you will pay, but do not underestimate the importance of location in business. secure a good location for your business.

Make sure you furnish you studio and place an attractive banner of your studio name, in front of the shop.

Make your customers very comfortable, presentation matters alot.

Lastly,you can employ someone, if it is necessary. a lot of people will pay to learn Photography and work with you.

There are lots of niches in Photography but the above listed are the most common in Nigeria.

Other specializations/ kinds/types/ branches/ niches of photography are:

  • Landscape Photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Stock photography
  • Food photography
  • travel Photography
  • Modern photography
  • wildlife photography

Just to mention a few.

So, Start a digital photography business today and you never know how far you can reach. Ineh Peter , popularly known as Marley Ineh(Nix Montage) is a digital photographer in Kaduna state, he started with just a penny but has gone viral today.

Steps on how to start a digital photography business in Nigeria

Make sure you have finished reading the above details before going through these steps.

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Now that you’ve known all the kinds of photography and all the equipment needed.

How Do You Start It?

Just to summarize the things I have said earlier, below are the steps on how to start a digital photography business.

  • Go for practical training or online course
  • Choose a good location for your studio(not compulsory)
  • Register your business with CAC
  • Purchase studio equipment
  • be effective in marketing

secrets on how to boost your digital photography business and make money ( Marketing tips)

  • Build a brand

There are lot of photo studios in Nigeria, how do you stand out? you have to be unique.

Let your studio name ring a bell in people’s ears.
.Add values that will make you different from other photographers.

You can do this by having an attractive studio banner(logo) that people can easily recognize anywhere they see it.

  • Package yourself well

Everything in business is all about packaging.

From having a business card with you to having good outfits. Just make your customers value you.

Hope you know that an ordinary digital wrist-watch is more accurate than an expensive Gucci wrist-watch.

but Obviously,that Gucci wrist-watch costs more!

“Everything na packaging”

  • Advertise your brand

One thing is being a photographer,another thing is people getting to know you.

Make sure you make yourself known all around social media and also among your neighborhood /friends.

Share your business cards to people whenever you render a service to them or whenever you attend an event.

you don’t have to wait for invitations, so just attend any ocassion..(lol)

  • Take your business online

Just like your camera, everything is now digital.

Make effective use of social media.


you can start a YouTube channel to display your works or teach photography.
If you are a good writer you can create a blog too

  • Be social and unfriendly

For a job like photography,expect to meet people who are very social.

Therefore you equally have to be social and friendly. Give them reasons to come back next time.

If you have workers at your studio, make sure they are social and friendly too.

  • Know how to set the right price

You don’t want to overcharge them, neither do you want to undercharge them,

Meanwhile, know that the prices are not fixed. you can even give a discount sometimes just to regain customers
check this article

  • Be reliable

Whenever you say their pictures will be ready, make sure it is ready that day. don’t delay them!

  • Don’t be money-conscious when you’re just starting

As a starter,your focus should be on exposure,not on money,

Make sure you spend more time marketing and advertising.


In conclusion, After reading this detailed article, you should be able to start a digital photography business in nigeria and earn.

Ensure you start small if you do not have enough capital.

Without marketing /advertisement, you’ll not be known and therefore will not be patronized.

If you have any challenge, ask us by using our comment box below.

Please share this post if you appreciate us . it’s part of marketing,thank you!

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