How To Recover Deleted Files from your Phone (3 Ways)

how to recover deleted images or videos from your Android phone gallery

Sometimes, we delete important files from our gallery, whether mistakenly or intentionally. We tend to need them back later.

If you delete a file in your computer, you can easily retrieve it through your recycle bin. But there’s no recycle bin in Android phones, so how do you get deleted files back?

Where these files go to is always a mystery to many people. As a matter of fact, removed files still stay in your internal memory for a temporal time.

There are different methods of restoring or recovering your deleted files on your mobile phone.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can recover your deleted articles using three methods, you can choose any method that suits you.

  • 1. Using Google photos app
  • 2. Using Google drive
  • 3. Using phoneRescue app for Android

1. How to recover your deleted files using Google photos app on your phone

What is Google photos App?
Google photos app is an app that displays images and videos, just like your regular gallery. The additional thing is that, it has some features, which includes the ability to restore files deleted from your gallery within 60 days.

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After 30 days, the file gets permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.

— First thing is to download and install Google photos App on your phone through Google play store.

— Secondly, enable sync and backup feature.

Steps on how to recover a deleted file from Google photo App gallery

  1. Open the installed Google photos app on your phone
  2. You will see a menu icon at the top left corner of your screen, tap it
  3. Select trash (This is where all your deleted files are located)
  4. select the file you want to recover and hold it then select restore button

Go back to your gallery and check, you will see that the previously deleted file is now restored in the same location and order it was before.

Note that only images and videos can be restored and these are images or videos that have been deleted within 60 days ago.

Also note that the files are automatically restored without having to download them again using mobile data or WiFi

2. How to recover your deleted files using Google drive on your phone

What is Google drive?

This is an app used to backup files before deleting them so that you can be able to retrieve them when needed.

You can download and install it from Google play store.

Steps on how to recover a deleted file from Google drive

  1. Open the installed Google drive app on your phone.
  2. Login to your account
  3. You will see the files that have been backed up by you.
  4. Select any of them you want to recover then download them again

Note that all files can be restored including images ,videos and others. But you have to download them again.

Most importantly you need to manually backup your files frequently as only backed up files will be displayed for retrieval.

1. How to recover your deleted files using phoneRescue on your Android phone

Download and install phoneRescue on your Android phone using Google play store or you can just Google search the file.

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— Secondly, you need a computer for this method, so if you do not have one, kindly stick to the two previous methods above.

Steps on how to use phoneRescue to restore removed files on your phone

  1. Download phoneRescue on your computer.
  2. Use a USB to connect your computer to your mobile phone.
  3. Select photos option
  4. Click the next button
  5. Choose the file types you want to be displayed
  6. Then preview any of the files you want to retrieve them click on “computer” to restore them to your computer
  7. After restoring the files to your computer, you can then transfer the files to your mobile phone using the USB


Losing your irreplaceable files can be pretty annoying. They just vanish without any way of getting them back. But with these methods in this article, you can easily retrieve your deleted files without stress.

Remember to always backup your files if you are using the Google drive method. Always remember that Google photos app can only restore videos and photos while the other methods can restore all files extensions.

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