Grow Your Business or Blog: Search Engine optimization (SEO) tips

Last updated on Oct 29, 2020

Grow Your Business or Blog: Search Engine optimization (SEO) tips

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Gone are the days when there were less competition. You could post an article and rank high within a week even without proper SEO.

Now, you have to fully Optimize your posts in order to grow your business or blog.

Don’t worry, at the end of this article,you’ll be able to rank better.

  • What is search engine optimization?

The word SEO stands for “ Search Engine Optimization”.
It is a marketing strategy that aims at getting gainning traffic/ visitors into your site or blog especially through search engines like Google.

This involves both technical and creative
techniques, otherwise known as on-page and off-page SEO.

If you have written a blog post with the title “How To Bake Cake in Five easy steps” , Definitely you want a user who searches the term “how to bake cake” to see your site on the first page of search results (SERP).

This is where search engine optimization comes into action.

Why do you need your site on the first page?

It has been observed that more than 70% of people that browse/search for a particular term on Google only end up viewing the first three websites on the first page.

Now ,you get the point?

Having your site optimized will enable your site rank high in search engines like Google.

The first page of Google search results contain only 10 (ten) links..

If your website unfortunately falls on the 11th place, this means you’ll be on the second page. This will drop your traffic by more than 60%.

It’s quite unfortunate. Why would someone go to the second page when they can find answers to their questions in the first page. huh?

Bear in mind that there are other search engines like being, Yahoo and even YouTube.

These search engine have a bot that crawls each web page ,they have an algorithm that determines the Ranking of websites for a particular keyword(search query).

This algorithm uses various factors to determine the SERP (Search Engine result page). These factors include on-page and off-page SEO, site speed, domain authority, how mobile-friendly your website is, and of course ,the quality of your contents.

Sometimes, whenever you search for a particular keyword or keyphrase on Google, you see a short list of links at the top with “Ad” before their links.

These websites are shown because they paid Google for adverts. You don’t need to worry about this if you do not have enough penny.

Now, as a blogger, you should be aware that more than 60% for site traffic comes from search engines(Organic traffic). I mean, there are millions of people everyday, all over the world searching for a particular stuff like “how to make money online”

Imagine how many visitors you will get when you top that search result page.

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Now, How do you perform this SEO?

How to start search engine optimization (SEO) on your blog

1. Utilise the right optimization tools

Using search engine optimization tools, you can improve your site ranking.
These tools help you to perform keyword research, analyze/ spy on competitors, and know conversion rate for a particular keyword. I’ll explain all these.

come to think of it.

Why waste your time writing an article that is irrelevant to people. No one will read it.

One of the most searched keyword (terms) on Google in Nigeria is “How To make money”.

How did I know this?

I’ve done an analysis using SEO tools.

With SEO tools, you find out the average total number of people that search a particular keyword on Google every month.

You want traffic to your site so you should be aiming at writing article on keywords that most people search on a monthly basis.

Apart from keyword research, you can find out some secret details about a competitor in your niche.

You can use tools to know how much traffic your competitor has on any page/article.

Also,note that not all keywords bring the same amount of conversion rate. The money from Cost-per-click on a relevant topic like “business” or entertainment will be higher than those for unimportant unpopular topics that drive less traffic.

Today, there are lots of SEO tools available online, some of them are accurate while others. are not.
Some of them are free while others are not.

Some of these SEO tools include:

  • (a) Google Search console

This is a free tool from Google.

It tops my free SEO tools list because this is the first and most important step in SEO.

Without adding your site to this Google search console, your website will not be visible in any Google search.

Secondly, It enables you know the keywords that are driving you the most traffic from Google searches.

Not only this, you get to know your position on Google search results for a particular keyword, also find out your total impression,click through rate and hence your bounce rate.

  • (b) Google analytics

This is also a free tool from Google that helps you see your total site traffic. Unlike Google search console, it doesn’t show you where you rank on the Google search results page.

You can use a free plug-in on your WordPress website called MonsterINsights to connect your Google analytics account with your website to be able to see your Google analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

  • Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an SEO tools that helps you improve your search engine visibility. with Moz Pro, you can find secrets details about your competitors site like domain authority and backlinks. You can also discover the keywords that they rank high for.

These can guide you in writing a relevant article.

Moz’s price ranges from $99 per month for a “Standard plan” or $999 per month for “Premium” plan.
(All plans have the same features.
The only difference is how many keywords
reports, page analysis and keyword analysis you can research/ perform every month).

Also Note that Moz comes with free 30-day trial.

let’s proceed

  • SEM rush

This is an SEO tools used for keyword research and page analysis of your competitors. You can use this tool to check the domain authority and backlinks,or keywords that rank high on either your website or your competitors’.

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Semrush has a free plan,as well as a pro plan. A pro plan makes you have access to unlimited number of searches per month while a free plan limits you to about 10 searches per day.

  • Yoast

This is definitely the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. second to none in terms of total downloads.

Yoast SEO plugin aids you in the analysis of articles before publishing them. It has lot of features which help you rank him (when used properly).

It acts like an online teacher or robot. you can easily get the WordPress plugin and download.

While Yoast is free, there is a Yoast premium plugin which has added features.

  • Answer The Public is a top website when it comes to keyword research.

Whenever you make a search on Google, you normally see some search suggestions at the bottom called “people asked search for”.

For example,If I search for “best musician in Nigeria” I might see suggestions like “people also searched for richest musician in Nigeria ” or best musician in Africa.

Now, with, you get to know all those suggestions that come from a particular keyword.
You can then add these suggestions/keywords into your article to expand your content quality

2. Quality content

There’s a popular saying. . .

“Content is King”

This is just the plain truth, even if you pay $1million dollars for the best SEO tools and quality backlinks, If your content is not rich in details, you can’t make it to the first page of Google.

Do not write an article only because of Google,write because of the visitors that will read your articles.

Else,you will get a high bounce rate and then drop in Google ranking.

What is a quality content?

A quality content is one with the following features:

  1. Length
  2. At least 1000 words

  3. No grammatical or spelling error
  4. you can use a tool like grammarly to cross check articles before posting

  5. Readability
  6. Back then, I used to use a big dictionary looking for big grammar before writing any article. That was pointless. why use an ambiguous word that most people do not understand.

  7. Formatting
  8. Make sure you use different headings such as h1,h2 and h3 tags while constructing an article.

    Also use paragraph and bullets where appropriate. Don’t make your articles look like a boring history textbook.

  9. Well-detailed
  10. I know I said your article should be lengthy but that doesn’t mean you should stuff it with nonsense and irrelevant points.

    Make your article so comprehensive that even a 10-year old will understand

  11. engaging

Engagement is key to user interaction. always end your article with an interactive question and ask them to drop a comment.

3. Build Quality Backlinks

Whenever you read any article on SEO, you will notice that they always talk about quality backlinks.

Well that’s what is needed to rank high in
search engines.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks mean websites that link back to your site. This is needed because Google checks this before ranking you. Quality
backlinks is the most essential for SEO.

For example: You notice that the word “backlinks” in blue colour above is a link to a website

By doing this , that website has gotten a backlink from me,

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Now,what makes the backlink a quality one?

If My website is an authoritative one in my niche (that is, if my website is a top ranking popular website), then that backlink becomes a quality one.

but if my website is a scam or if I just spammed with that link, then it is not a quality backlink.

One way of building backlink is by posting articles on other recognized websites and writing your website url in the article source.

This is called Guest blogging.

Note that having Backlinks of low quality might cause your site to be penalized by Google and reduce search engine ranking.

Spying on your competitors is another crafty way. Subscribe to their
newsletter to know what they post and what generates traffic for them.

You can then monitor their backlinks using this website There are other tools you can use for these tasks.

Buzzsumo is an example of this, but buzzsumo is not free

4. Build a mobile friendly website

This is a top factor that Google considers before ranking your site.

In Nigeria today, more than 75% of Google searches come from mobile phones. An average Nigerian can afford a phone but only few people can afford a computer with WiFi connection.

Google algorithm has been configured in a way to prioritize mobile-friendly websites.
Google wants their users to have the best experience.

Most templates on WordPress are mobile friendly. i.e they fit fully to a mobile phone screen and allow easy navigation.

5. Create internal links

Internal links are important for search engine rankings.

What are internal links?

Any link on your webpage that redirects you to another page on the same blog or website.

EXAMPLE of internal links include: about us page, another article/blog post ,forum page .
just any other page or article you have.

The essence of this internal linking is that it reduces bounce rate(this means, it keeps visitors on your website for longer period of time).

Bounce rate is another factor that boosts SEO ranking. the lower the bounce rate, the better for you.

6. Utilise social media marketing

This is not fully proven but social media can be a huge boost in your SEO.

If you have a page on social media(Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more) where users engage in discussion.
This can help your Google search engine ranking.

Like I said, this social media doesn’t directly make you rank high but it helps you get Backlinks naturally, and also traffic, which in turn boost your SEO.

7. Create a Google My business account

Have you ever wondered why or how some new companies get shown on Google search map?

Well, creating a Google my Business account will help you in this. It will also boost your visible for local searches.


We have listed best ways of Marketing/
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For
Bloggers and Business owners.

This will help you grow your business or blog.

Read this thoroughly and ask question in our comment section where necessary. Optimising your website or blog or business might not be as easy as it seems , it takes lot of time and dedication to be sincere. But it is worth it on the long run. Like they always say. No pain No gain!


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