Business without marketing is completely unproductive. Even top companies like Coca-Cola and Indomie still spend a lot in marketing.

How can you market your product or service as a small-scale business owner without having to spend much?

Business card is a cheap marketing tool you can use to gain customers and expand your reach!

A business or complimentary card shows your clients your contact information, including logo ,brand name and address.

Need a free business card maker online?

You can create a business card online for fr–ee┬áin just seconds.

Check out Shopify free business card maker tool

For as low as N3,500 ,you can get up to 100 copies of business cards which you can share to potential customers.

There are top printing companies that you can order business cards from. It only takes a short while for it to be delivered to your doorstep. Easy and reliable.

These companies are:

1. Printivo

Printivo is an online print provider.

It gives users templates created by graphic designers across Nigeria.

They give you quality designs. Their delivery is quick and reliable.

In business, your works speak for you. Customers are tired of hearing businesses everyday.

Simply use a business card instead of uttering too much words.

How Printivo works

  • Select the template of your choice and customize


–Browse through and choose the particular template you want to customize.

–After choosing a template to customize, customise it to your desire, change the texts and add logo(image) from their options

  • place an Order

After customizing, place an order.

  • Printivo will ship it to you
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–After placing your order, it will be delivered to you within a few days.
Anywhere you are in Nigeria.

–You can also sell your designs or refer someone to their service and earn commission.

Quick and reliable!!
Payments can be made online their website.

2. Ryteprint

Ryteprint is a top printing platform in Nigeria. They specialize in business cards, marketing materials and flyers printing.

They have eye-catching designs you need!

How It works

  • Choose a design you want

choose a template you want to personalize, there are lot of designs you can choose from.

These deigns are designed by expert graphic designers.

  • customize and order

Add a logo, edit the tastes to your desire.
then place and order

  • delivery

after placing an order and approving your payment. Their graphic designers will work on it and get it delivered to you within a few days.

Your final product will be exact what you customized. be rest assured.

3. InstantPrint
Instant print is a web-to-print (w2p) company. They offer services on everything concerning printing including flyers, brochures, business cards and more.
Their services are reliable and affordable.

They have various templates you can choose from.

Your work will be delivered to you in a few days.

Payments can be made online using bank transfer, MasterCard and more options. It works just the same way the above print platforms work.

They deliver to anywhere in Nigeria

4. KiaKiaPrint

KiaKiaPrint is a Nigerian online printing press company.
This company is located in Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos, but they deliver across the country.

You can get your letterhead, business cards, brochures,flyers, wedding print souvenier , greeting and marketing cards, photobooks. and more!

In addition, One reason why they are among the top of the list is because of their quick delivery. If you place an order in the morning, you can get your product in the evening.

(especially when you stay around Lagos)

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How it works

  • visit
  • Chose your template/design to use
  • Choose your kind of print finishing

for example: gloss, laminate, matt, satin and more.

  • Place and confirm your order

Payments can be made online. fast ,easy and reliable!

5. Print Magic

With Print Magic,you can print customized works on Canvas!

They offer printing services ranging from printing on brochures, business cards to shirts. They are situated in Lagos.

In print magic, you can upload your own design, use their fr–ee available templates or it will be done for you with their magi tools!

Your design will be processed and delivered to you in a few days, just the same design you customized.

6. Print Anything


As the name implies, you can print anything.
Stationery, brochures, flyers, on Tshirts, business cards and more.

One business card is as cheap as N50 to N65 each.

In the marketing world today, printing is extremely important. In your businesses and in wedding souvenir.

Most importantly, They deliver in 48 hours.

visit, customise your template and place an order.

Easy and reliable!

7. Neshprint


Firstly, They provide digital printing and branding service.

Secondly, print on materials including Letterhead, Posters,
Flyers, calendar, Brochures, flyers,
ID card, Bags, stickers, Jotters,
Envelopes, Wedding Stationeries, and more.

They currently do not have a website working but you can contact them on the above address or Facebook/twitter @Nesh_print

8. Onasco print

onasco print ltd offers online graphic designs and digital printing.

Most importantly, they provide customers with all printed materials including brochures, flyers, calendar, souvenir, business cards and more…

In addition, I accept payments online including bank transfer, MasterCard ,verve,Visa and more.

They are partners with DHL company.

Get business cards for as low as N50 per copy

OnascoPrint Address:


9. PrintHouse

PrintHouse is one of the top platforms when it comes to printing.

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They do all kinds. Printing on Tshirt, brochures, business cards , calendars, shirts, souvenir and more.

However, one unique thing is that they have a storefront they can help you keep your files until when you need them

10. Hazken

Hazken is a nice printing company in Lagos , Nigeria.

Therefore, With Hazken, you can get a professionally designed business card at your door step.

They do this in various materials including matte or gloss lamination.

Depending on the materials, the price varies from N3,500 to N4,000 per 100 copies.

If you live in Lagos State and you order a business card ,you can get it delivered to you the same day. But if you live in other states ,it will be delivered to you within 3-4 working days.

Payments can be made online through MasterCard, Paystack and others.

11. Lexoft Media Limited

Lexoft Media Limited is a top printing company in Lagos, Nigeria. They offer all kinds of business cards materials including transparent,metal and paper.

complimentary cards are important for your businesses.

With Lexoft Media Limited,you can order for your Business card and get it at your door step.

12. PrintFactory

With PrintFactory ,you can get specially designed business cards for your business.

They offer full colour printing, matt card and lamination in different sizes and thickness.

You can order and make payments via Paystack and Visa.




In conclusion, The importance of business cards in marketing cannot be over emphasized. It makes you official. You can share this to your clients and expand your business.

It doesn’t cost much, but the effect it can have on your business is much.

Why don’t you order a business card today? If you already have one, how did you get it?

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