20+ Ways to make money online free in Nigeria

Latest 10 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria For Free (Rich People Won`t tell You These)

certainly, There are many legitimate job opportunities that you can start up for free with little or no capital investment and Make Money Online In Nigeria.

It is obvious in our world today that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are secrets to being rich that most people won`t tell you.

Have you ever wondered how that guy makes alot money money without putting on a long tie and going to white collar jobs?

Are you tired of being scammed with all sort of online businesses?

however, Whether you are a freelancer , a student, a mother or a general business man. There are numerous ways to make money on-line in Nigeria with very little capital investment.

above all, One of the best things about the internet is that It can fetch you cool cash when optimised fully.

So, No matter where you live, as long as you’ve got a phone, an internet connection, you should constantly make cash on line as long as you have the qualities of a business entrepreneur

most importantly, One thing to note before starting an online business is that you must be patient.

meanwhile, be patient, You don�t just expect to earn millions overnight


In this publish, we�ll be sharing top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

(1) Sell Graphic Designs and Logo Online


So, Who is a graphic designer?

A graphic designer is one who is gifted or has the skills of creating creative graphics by using text and images in an organized and attractive manner. These designs includes

  • Any type of Logo
  • 3D design
  • wedding and Business cards
  • Website templates
  • WordPress templates/ Themes
  • Brochure, Banners and Flyers

Are you very good in graphic design and want to find a way to make money through it? Graphic designers are in high demand today. Every business and individual needs them at some point in time.

Even though you already have clients you render your service to around your neighbourhood, you need to expand your horizon and make money online.

What do you need to make money as a graphic designer?

  • A laptop or mobile phone Logo
  • Join any of the websites I will be listing below
  • in addition, Have Knowledge of PhotoShop, Canva, Illustrator, Corel draw and other computer softwares
  • Have Passion

However, having these criteria doesn�t just make you wake up with a lot of millions in your account.How do you monetize your designs?

best ways to make money online as a graphic designer in Nigeria.

  1. Freelancing:
  2. Design Books Cover pages:
  3. Sell designs online:
  4. Create and sell web templates:

Top online Websites / platforms to sell your graphic design

Do you have quality knowledge in designs?

One website you can sell your designs online and make money is Printivo. Printivo Online Store is a marketplace that permits each person to add and promote designs to customers.

subsequently, Each time a Printivo customer uses your design or orders a print along with your design you receives a commission 15% of the fee of the layout by way of Printivo.

This is how printivo works.

Firstly visit Printivo store to create your own store, provide your bank account details. Start uploading your designs. Share your link to social media or advertise it. Remember to check your dashboard to see your sales.

You can contact for adverts.

Other Market places to sell your designs include but not limited to:

2. Writing and selling Articles.

Are you a really good writer?

Do you write creative posts that are interesting or informative?

Are you tired of writing quality articles in exchange for mere facebook likes and comments with no monetary values in return? In Nigeria today, most people are looking for how to make money online without investments, or without reading news or affiliate marketing.

Well , this is one way to achieve that. Today, I want to let you know that you can make money by writing articles online and get paid upto N50,000 per artcle.

It is one of the best online businesses you can start as a writer. This is also a way you can make make money as a student in Nigeria. In this article , I will be teaching you how to get reward for your passion.

Every blog owner is looking for new articles, How do they get these new article? The answer is simply by employing quality writers.


The Keyword �writing article� has more than 50k searches on google, according to a research I carried out on Ubersuggest, This shows that writers are in high demand. Enough of the long talks, What Do I need to get paid for writing article

It all depends on your quality content and lengthy content.
Without wasting your time, Here are 12 best websites that will pay you at least N25,000 to write each article for them.

3. Publish Books and articles Online

Okadabooks is an internet website in Nigeria that makes it fast,reliable, easy and free to submit books on line.

This isn’t always restricted to books alone but also brief stories, evaluations or anything really worth reading.

Most importantly, Okadabooks lets in users to monetize every book published which means you get paid whilst any of your publications are downloaded or read.

however, If you’re outside Nigeria. It will be paid to your PayPal account. Note that okadabooks earn 30% commission from each sale, but you get the 70% into your Nigeria bank account. Once a payment is made.

You will be notified through the email address you provided upon registration. There are also other platforms to sell your publications online.

To know more about Okadabooks, click here

(4) Start a Blog or a Vlog

above all, Blogging is still one of the most prominent Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria. One thing about blogging is that you have time for yourself. You become your own boss

And guess what? You can learn How to create a blog and make money without learning a line of code or programming language, In this modern age, My old Mama in the village can easily create a blog for free. The article in the above link is very explanatory for a beginner.

Although most people think blogging is hard and there are a lot of competitors to challenge with in your field. The challenge most upcoming bloggers have is building Traffic.

With Our basic guide on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) For bloggers and business owners, You can easily get huge amount of traffic in a short time,

therefore, The more traffic you’ve got, the extra cash you can make on your blog. With blogging, you can sell sponsored posts, apply for google AdSense, and get paid per clicks, start amazon affiliate marketing, sell ebooks online , sell website themes, the sources of income are endless. Many bloggers like Linda Ikeji and Makinde have earned a lot from this blogging.


For Vlogging, you can get started out by means of growing a Youtube channel as a platform for distributing your video contents. if you aren’t good in writing articles (blogging), then you should try passing messages to audience through Vlogging.

certainly, Vlog simply means Video Log or video blog. Choose a particular niche, Make a video and upload it on a blog or YouTube. You can apply for YouTube partner program and start showing Adverts on your YouTube channel once you hit 1000 subscribers.

You can also apply for amazon affiliate program after reading How to make money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

. Alternatively, once you hit up to 5000 views on your YouTube channel videos. You can partner with a company or brand to share sponsored posts.

(5) Affiliate Marketing.

So, What is affiliate marketing?

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy.

This is a means in which large known businesses pay affiliates to market or advertise their products or services.

Lets take for instance, If the product called �Indomie noodles� is advertised on a particular TV channel. Indomie Company pays the TV channel for marketing , therefore the TV channel becomes their affiliate.

Do you get? Now let me proceed.

Affiliate Marketing generally pays you for advertising/marketing.
You get your commission once these four steps are completed

  1. You Market/ advertise their products or service on your blog or social media
  2. Then an interested customer finds your advert and follows the link in your advert
  3. After he/she buys the product or service, you earn a commission. Depending on how much the buyer spent

Below are top Affiliate marketing brands in Nigeria today.

Some International Affiliate marketing programs that pay in Dollars

however, Each of these affiliate programs have how they work. They pay differently. You may want to know more about each of the above listed affiliate programs before joining.

In addition, Here is a detailed article on Affiliate marketing programs and How to make money with affiliate marketing businesses

Oh Yes. Its that easy, but how do you advertise something when you have no medium to advertise? If you do not have a blog, You can advertise on your social media accounts by sharing the links.

But if you have a blog, you can learn How to create a blog free

Are you in need of traffic for your blog, you can check out Search Engine Optimization(SEO) For bloggers and business owners to build audience.

however, If you’ve got a very good presence on social media or possibly you even have a blog or website, you can begin bringing in cash right away via promoting every type of corporations, merchandise, services and products online. This is one of the Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

(6) Become an Online Tutor

This is among the Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria. Do you think you have the ability to teach students online? Online tutoring is one of the most demanded jobs in this digital era. Learning has become more or less electronic.

You can sit down in the comfort of your home , cross your legs, get a pen and internet access and boom!…. Learn a couple of subjects your school teacher or lecturer finds hard to explain.

Most parents are looking for online tutors to help their primary or secondary students learn while at home ,especially in this corona pandemic period of lockdown.

You can either teach students online or meet them face-to-face. The avenue depends on what the client wants.

If all you do is to read, gather knowledge and gain or do nothing with you knowledge, then I’m sorry to say this but you’re not being productive.

You can easily earn money by tutoring students online on various courses, including mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, English ,literature, commerce, and other courses.

Forget the general “School na scam” talks you keep hearing everyday


Think about these rich parents that will pay lots of cash to ensure quality education for their kids at home. Especially during holidays.

Depending on the platform and course, you can earn about $50 per tutor session.

In this article ,I will be giving you the websites you can sign up and earn for being a tutor.

While some are Nigerian based websites. Others are abroad based. I’ll be starting from the ones in Nigeria.

Best online tutor jobs / websites for free in Nigeria

1) Tuteria.com

This is one of the best, clients can book a tutor and also, you can register as a tutor.

This website allows you to set your own charge per hour basis. It would be wise to Learn how to set a right price.


You can start by charging lower at the beginning. Price should vary according to your time duration on teaching.



This is designed for users to book home tutors. Students can book home tutors. Parents can as well, book home tutors for their kids. You can apply to be a tutor

2) Prepclass.com.ng

Many parents seek tutors to help their kids with assignments and forthcoming examinations. This platform creates room for that.

most importantly, One thing about prepclass is that it pays first-time tutors 70% of the fee the learner pays (tuition fee).

in addition, As the tutor continues with prepclass.ng ,the rate increase to about 85%.

Unlike tuteria.com, prepclass charges the learner directly depending on distance, then gives you the commission immediately after tutorial sessions.

3) Up skill tutor

You can make up to #80,000 monthly with this platform. You simply register and set your own charges per hour. It also provides an app you can use and fix classes or organize your calendar.

4) city tutors

This is a nice platform to start online tutoring. You can be a professional tutor that can aid students in passing their exams like NECO JAMB and WAEC.

5) pro teach.ng

You can sign up as a learner or as a tutor. Learners can register and set learning patterns they prefer and they will be linked with the most appropriate tutor for that particular subject.

6) Compass tutor.com.ng

This platform gives room for students who prefer to have online tutorials (e-learning) rather than face-to-face teaching.

Compass tutor also covers tutorials on how to pass both national and international examinations.

If you need wider options on latest tutoring jobs online, see Online tutor jobs in Nigeria

(7) Online Survey:

Have you ever wondered how you can make money online in Nigeria free without any investment? This post is definitely for you.

It might sound ridiculous to know that you can actually make money online in Nigeria by just answering questions.

You might be surprised. How would someone pay you just for answering a question? What do they need your answers for? Isn’t this just a scam?

Well.. To answer your curiosity, It is no scam ,by the way, there is no registration fee. To join any of these survey sites is completely free!.

Why would you get paid for just answering questions?

Now, here’s the thing.

Marketing and business strategy keeps evolving by the day. To keep up with the pace of modern digital marketing and to keep on serving your clients the right way, most companies use this survey as a medium to ask questions, they then use the answers of these questions to improve their companies.

For instance, Cocacola company can make a survey to find out if people actually like the sugar level in fanta, or whether it should be reduced.

You grab now? Let me proceed.

Take note that surveys are not only done by answering question. Some “get-paid-to” websites also pay you for services like playing games, testing apps, and more.

Now, before I continue with this post, I must inform you that this isn’t the type of business you do if you want to get rich quick

SO it shouldn’t be a primary source of income.

In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to make money from online surveys

Not just from surveys but from highly recommended and reliable survey sites that pay in Nigeria.

There are a whole lot of survey websites but some of them are a waste of time. You spend time answering questions but in the end…

No payment.

This is why I’ve taken my time to make research from reliable sources on the best paying survey websites in Nigeria today.

Here is a list of top 15 free survey sites in Nigeria, their mode of payment, links to join and brief details about them.

Note: click on any of the links to join them

According to research taken by survey police. Here is an infograph of customers review of the below listed survey sites.

1)SurveyTime join Surveytime

  • Payment method: Paypal or Giftcards
  • Minimum withdrawal: any amount
  • Payment per survey: $1
  • Service: online surveys

I placed this number one because it is very reliable.

2)Mobrog Nigeria
join Mobrog

  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Minimum withdrawal: $6.25
  • Payment per survey: $0.5 to $2.5 depending on survey length
  • Service: online surveys


join Timebucks

  • Payment method: skrill, bitcoin, bank
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Payment per survey: depend on survey type
  • Service: online survey, watching videos, games

4) TGM panel

join tgmpanel

  • Payment method: Paypal, amazon Giftcards or retail e-vouchers
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Payment per survey: depend on survey type.
  • Service: mobile app testing and surveys

5) surveyeah

  • Payment method: Paypal or Giftcards
  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Payment per survey: depending on length
  • Service: online survey


6) ysense

  • Payment method: Paypal ,skrill, payoneer, Giftcards
  • Minimum withdrawal: $5
  • Payment per survey: depending on task
  • Service: online survey

7) Triaba

  • Payment method: Paypal or Giftcards
  • Minimum withdrawal: $7
  • Service: online surveys

8) Feature points.

  • Payment method: Paypal or Giftcards or cryptocurrency
  • Minimum withdrawal: $3
  • Payment per survey: depends
  • Service: watching videos, app testing

join cointiply

  • Payment method: cryptocurrency (ecoin or bit coin)
  • Minimum withdrawal: $3.5
  • Payment per survey: depends on task

10) rewards1

  • Payment method: Paypal or Giftcards
  • Minimum withdrawal: $5
  • Service: online surveys, referrals ,watching videks

11) hiving

  • Payment method: Paypal
  • Minimum withdrawal: $4
  • Service: online surveys

12) wow app

  • Payment method: Paypal. Recharge card, bank
  • Minimum withdrawal: any amount
  • Payment per survey: depends
  • Service: online survey, read news

13) ipsos I say
Payment method: All Giftcards and credit cards paypal,vouchers
Minimum withdrawal: any amount
Payment per survey: depends
Service: online survey,

14) survey savvy

  • Minimum withdrawal: any amount
  • Payment per survey: $1
  • Service: survey, video, product testing

In most of these survey sites, you’ll receive survey via email, so do make sure you use valid email address when signing up

Note: Its always a good idea to join more than 6 of these surveys site, for maximum earning. However, you might not qualify for all of them.

(8) Become an Agent by selling property on e-commerce / property listing websites in Nigeria

Do you know any property, for instance, houses or cars that are for sale or for rent where you live?

Gone are the days where an agent has to be very close to the property. Come on! This is the electronic Era.

You can be in Abuja, and be a house agent for houses in Lagos. All it takes is an Ecommerce website like Jumia and Konga.

You can earn BIG by simply uploading property To-Let or for sale. You just need pictures of the property and the price. (of course, your agent fee included).

Some of the ecommerce websites in Nigeria are

jumia House & Private Property .

All you need to do is to sign up as an agent and you are properly to go.
This is one of the secret Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria (Rich people won`t tell you these)

Another authentic way to make some extra cash on-line in Nigeria is with the aid of selling on e-trade websites . Jumia, konga and PayPorte are all e-commerce web sites that permit a service provider to sell and promote products online for free. These websites make it very easy for you to get buyers online making it easier and faster to sell and make extra cash on-line.

(9) Forex Trading

How does Forex trading work

Trading forex is simply the act of buying and selling currencies having a goal of making profit. It involves two currencies at a specific time. Your profits depends on the difference between these two.

In this artcle, Forex trading is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria, but truth be told, it is a very risky one. It involves staking high. So if you are not willing to take risks and if you do not have enough capital to start up (i.e About N20.000). Then this is not for you.

You can always start with a demo account as a beginner, then when you have learnt it enough, you can use real money to trade. If youre interested in this, drop a comment on the comment box. Ill Udate this post soon on Forex trading

(10) Apps & Websites Testing

This might sound ridiculous. The major intention is to improve on-line reports for regular internet users. Internet organizations are constantly seeking out actual humans like you, to test out new or existing mobile apps and web sites so that website owners, coders, and architects can see and compare the barriers that actual humans enjoy with their products. Most of the corporations praise the testers in cash for every app or website tested (Check out User Testing ).
With usertesting.com you get to earn $20 via PayPal for every 20 minutes video you complete. User testing helps you earn by only testing apps and website and dropping reviews


Above are common Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria. Most rich people know this but wont let you know. These on-line commercial enterprise possibilities need to supply you plenty of thoughts for getting cash on-line in Nigeria. Learn from this article and start testing your very own ventures. It will take some hard work and persistency. But it�ll be well worth it whilst you move through the route to economic freedom. We could be adding more ideas and opportunities to this article as we discover more, Tell your friends about this post by simply sharing it, it will go a long way. Feel free to Drop a question In our comment box.

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