How To Make Money With Affiliate marketing business in Nigeria

All About Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria: How To Join and Make Money

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Whether you are a Blogger, a Youtuber (Vlogger), or you are a social media influencer. You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing as a way to make money online in Nigeria.

All you need to partake and earn from affiliate marketing is Audience.

This audience can be gotten from your blog ,social media or YouTube channel.

However, before we go deep into making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria, first thing we should know is. . .

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply means that you earn a commission each time you refer somebody to a particular product.

Take for example, You must have heard of house or estate agents before.

These agents show and recommend houses to you for rent. They are not the owners / landlords of those houses but they gain a little commission whenever they show a client a particular house and the client pays for the house.

Writing this article, I can remember an agent that showed me a lodge during my first year in the university.

Most importantly, let’s continue our topic!

A company like Jumia or Konga will give you a particular link when you sign up for their affiliate marketing program,

This link given to you can be displayed on your blog, YouTube video description or social media.

Therefore, whenever somebody clicks on that link and purchases a particular product on Jumia or Konga, you earn a commission from the sale.

So, this is how affiliate marketing works.

  • You sign up for an affiliate marketing program
  • A link is given to you
  • You help promote their products by sharing their link to interested customers
  • These interested customers click on your link and purchases product
  • You earn a commission on each sale!!
  • Everyone’s Happy!

This commission is usually 10% though some companies offer as high as 30%.

You get paid by advertising their products, they also gain from the customer you brought to them.

This is a Win-Win situation!
You’re happy! They’re happy! The customer is also happy!

Note that links can be displayed in form of attractive images

Terms used in Affiliate Marketing

Just the way there are jargons in Law,
There are some terms used in Affiliate Marketing. I’ll explain the meaning of each of them one by one.

  • Merchant/seller/brand

This is the company that you work for.
Example: Amazon, konga, Jumia.

  • Affiliate link

When you sign up for affiliate marketing program, you will be given an affiliate link which you are supposed to display to your audience.

  • Affiliate/publisher

A publisher that partake in Affiliate Marketing is an affiliate.
Therefore, the person who shares the affiliate link (You and I)

  • Network or marketplace

A company that connects “affiliates” with a merchant is called a network/marketplace.
For instance, Google AdSense is a network.
Click bank is also a network

  • Affiliate ID

This ID is contained in your affiliate link.
Your affiliate link will look like:
Where your ID is 23754

  • Landing Page

This is where you display your affiliate link, it can be your blog or YouTube channel or social media pages.

Modes of payment in Affiliate Marketing

Generally, as an affiliate, you get paid whenever a client uses your affiliate link to purchase a product.

This is the pattern companies like jumia,konga ,amazon DomainKing and others use.

Certainly, It is the most common system in Nigeria.

But Apart from these methods.
There are two other methods. These are

  • Cost per click affiliate marketing program (CPC)

This is just like Google AdSense system. Clients do not need to purchase a product. They only need to click on the link.

Obviously, this is easier than the general method but the commission is very very small.

  • Pay per Lead affiliate marketing program

Pay per Lead(PPL) simply means you get paid a particular commission whenever you bring a client to sign up to a particular website.

No need to purchase any product. This is similar to the usual referral system.

So, Having known all these. Let’s move!

Step-by-step guide on How To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

I believe you’re now ready to make money with affiliate marketing.

I’ll explain how to start in 6 steps.

1. Choose a niche

If you read any article on affiliate marketing, the first step you’ll see is this.

Firstly, what is a niche.

I intensively said a lot on choosing the right niche on this article how to start a blog and choose a nice niche

A niche is simply your area of specialization.
As I explained earlier, to partake in Affiliate Marketing, you need audience.

This audience can be gotten from your blog, your YouTube video or social meda.

Now, Your blog or YouTube Channel should have a niche.

For instance, this website is a business niche website. This is what I specialize in.

The popular football website called is a football niche website. Same as

Your niche can be fashion, news, entertainment or whatever but make sure your niche is profitable and you have both the passion and knowledge needed

Why are we so much concerned about niche?

Now, The kind of products you can advertised through affiliate marketing depends solely on your niche.

Let me break it down.

Imagine you have a blog that focuses on “Christianity” as a niche.

And then you sign up for affiliate marketing program in which you are asked to advertise their “Islamic books or novels”

One thing is for sure. Most of the people that come to your blog are interested in Christian books and not Islamic books.

Therefore your advert will be almost Useless because you will have no conversion on sale.

Secondly, don’t just jump into a niche because it is profitable, make sure you have vast knowledge in it

I mean ,you cannot teach people what you do not know.

Can You?

Above all, focus on a niche that is less competitive but still lucrative.

Instead of focusing on “music” for example, Why not focus on “Naija music”.

That way, you’ll have a lot to talk about.
and people visiting your platform will know what you focus on.

2. Start a marketing platform

Now that you have gotten a niche to focus on, you need a marketing platform/ landing page where you can display those affiliate links.

This marketing platform can be a blog, website, YouTube or even social media depending on what you’re into.

These two articles of mine will help.

The more platforms you have ,the more the number people that sees your links.

And More people=More sales!!

Most Known companies like jumia will only accept your affiliate marketing request if you have a large and active audience.

Certainly, no wise business owner will like to place his adverts on a blog that nobody visits.

Therefore, ensure you have active users.

if you want to use social media, your social media account should have many active followers.

3. Join affiliate marketing program

Now, you already have a platform on a particular niche.
Be it a blog or a YouTube channel, the next thing is to join an affiliate marketing program.

Now there are a lot of these programs but the commission they give slightly differs.

Obviously, foreign or international affiliate marketing programs pay you higher but the problem is that, if you have 99% of your traffics from Nigerians, then you need to go for the Nigerian affiliate marketing programs.

This is because, the products a foreign company will ask you to advertise might not be useful or known to Nigerians.

Therefore you will have low clicks, which in turn gives you low sales and low commission.

Affiliate marketing programs

below are some of the top Affiliate Marketing programs you can join.

Wait.. Let’s leave that part for the end of this article.

Just the same way we leave the Meat until after eating the rice…. lol.

Now, having a platform (blog or YouTube) and joining an affiliate marketing program is not the end of your race in making money.

Can you make money with affiliate marketing when you have no audience/ traffic???

The answer is No

This brings me to my next subtopic

How To boost your audience / traffic to gain more from affiliate marketing

Like I always say,

More Audience=More money

There are several strategies to boost your traffic and hence, your affiliate earnings.

Some of them are:

  • Content Marketing trick

As the name implies, In content marketing, affiliates can share their affiliate links to users through articles(posts) on your blog.

These links can be in form of images or videos.

For example:

As a affiliate with a “technology niche blog”.
Let’s assume I want to advertise a new IPhone on Jumia.

I’ll write an article on my blog about that particular iPhone, I’ll state its features and everything about the phone,

Then in between my contents, I’ll drop a link which viewers can use to purchase the phone.

This link can be in form of image.

I can also use this same trick and write down the affiliate link on my YouTube video description.

This way, viewers will naturally click the link and I earn my commissions.

  • Search engine optimization(S.E.O)

Have you ever wondered why some blogs or YouTube videos rank higher on search engine than others?

This is because those websites or videos are well optimized.

Certainly, If I discuss about search engine optimization now, we’ll sleep on this topic.

  • Email Marketing

Have you noticed that most sites you visit, they ask you to drop your email address to receive notification.

This is an Email List.

Most importantly,This strategy will keep visitors coming back to your website.

Aside this, it makes it very easy to inform your visitors anytime you have a new product to advertise to them.

Start this strategy from the first day you own a platform.

It’s always better to start early.
one of these tools is MailChimp.

  • Social media marketing

When you start affiliate marketing, that day you will know the importance of People!

Because without people patronage, you earn nothing.

So Start to build a community. It isn’t as hard as you think.

That Facebook page you see today that has over 100k followers once had only 50 followers.

it takes time certainly!

The difference between Here and There is the “T” which stands for time

Make effective use of the social media.

Affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria

Okay, enough of the long talks.

Below are some of the top affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Foreign / international Affiliate marketing programs


In conclusion , Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has been well dealt with in this article.

bear in mind that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick method of making money online, but with patience and a huge audience, you can earn big!.

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